Introduction of the AVANT Program

With the hope of helping healthcare professionals bring stroke patients back to normal, everyday life, Ever Pharma has been working to implement the AVANT program (Austrian Vietnamese Advancement Neurorehabilitation Treatment), with professional support from World Stroke Organization (WSO), Vietnam Medical Association. The program is jointly delivered by Viet Nam and Austria. The launching ceremony was held within the National Neuro-rehabilitation Congress.

The founders of AVANT program

Together the leading experts and specialists in the field of Stroke, Neurology and Rehbilitation from Vietnam and Austria created, developed and implemented the AVANT program - A training program in neurorehabilitation after stroke. The ultimate objective of AVANT program is to help Vietnamese stroke patients regain indepedence and reintergrate into the community, in order to reduce the burden for their families and the society.

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Steering committee of the AVANT program

A steering committee including leading professors, doctors and experts in the field of Neurology, Stroke and Rehbilitation from World Stroke Organization, Vietnam Ministry of Health, Vietnam Medical Association and their member associations, together with leading hospitals, contributed to develop the AVANT Program.

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AVANT classes

Neurorehabilitation Exercises for Stroke Patients